Dr Andrew Stewart

Dr Andrew Stewart


Dr Andrew Stewart is a Family Doctor, GP has a practice at Caremedics Manotick Ltd in Manotick, ON. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English
  • Gender Male
  • Practice name Caremedics Manotick Ltd
  • Address Caremedics Manotick Ltd, 1160 Beaverwood Road, Manotick ON K4M 1A3

One review of “Dr Andrew Stewart”


    19 April 2022

    Administrative services are very poor at this office. Every time I need something from them it literally takes weeks. March 24 I requested a referral. They said they would advise the doctor. April 4, I called back to follow up, Haley asked the Dr. again and booked a phone appointment with the Dr for April 11. I expected to have the referral by the time I spoke with the Dr., it did not arrive. I called back April 19 to be told by Haley they would send me another one and that it would be mailed out by the end of the week, I said it’s Tuesday and your not going to post it till Friday! At which time she put me on hold for 5 minutes, Celeste came on the line next and said they would mail it Wed. April 20, I said Haley told me the end of the week, Friday, she said “she did not”. Celeste advised the last time they mailed something was April 14, I asked if it had taken them 10 days to put my referral in the mail, she said she could not be sure when it had been mailed? I asked if she understood why I was frustrated, she said unapologetically no because there had been a long weekend. I told her I had been waiting for almost one month for a referral and that their service standard was bad. She said, would you like me to message the Dr to tell him your upset because it took him 10 days to write the referral? I said, no I’m angry with your office for never following up, for taking weeks to mail something and for not apologizing for your bad service. I advised I would be writing a review on it. In my opinion the Dr has admin staff to followup, to set appointments and make sure the paper side of the system works.There have been several occasions where I have needed to followup week after week with this staff and I’ve had enough so decided write it down. Dr Stewart is a fine physician with incompetent staff, I gave only one star because of the front office staff.

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