Dr Aniekan Orok is a Psychiatrist in Edmonton, AB. Dr Aniekan Orok has 1,481 views and 5 reviews. 18 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 2.11 out of 5.
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5 thoughts on “Dr Aniekan Orok”


    12 May 2021

    AVOID THIS DOCTOR DO NOT ACCEPT HIS SERVICES! I have seen many psychiatrists and have never written a review but I feel obligated… I recently saw this Dr. Orok at the acsess 24/7 for a med update he refused to help me instead he said ” you have never been held accountable for your past”. I think he didn’t like me the minute he saw me and was not empathetic whatsoever, I think he genuinely did not like me for whatever reason. I waited for hours to see a psychiatrist and he did not help me. I will be taking further action and making a formal complaint against Dr.Orok why should Orok get the big bucks if he won’t do his job??


    25 October 2021

    He’s a great doctor and has helped me significantly through my mental health journey


    25 October 2021

    He’s a great doctor and has helped me significantly through my mental health journey, step by step.
    He’s also very understanding and easy to talk to. You don’t feel judged.


    25 October 2021

    Dr Orok has been a great help to me during my mental health journey and is there with me step by step to find the right treatment and medication. He’s easy to talk to and very understanding which is a huge bonus. Very glad to have been referred to him.

    Abigail Brauner

    5 July 2022

    This “doctor” believes he is better than everyone else. He is incredibly condescending. Not empathic. In my opinion he should lose his psychiatric license and never deal with anyone’s meds ever again. He lowered my sister’s dose of her antipsychotic after not even being on it for very long, all the way to the lowest dose. She was on 500 mg and he got her down to 25 mg. With her diagnoses of Bipolar and Schzophrenia this should have never happened. This is incredibly dangerous and caused my sister to relapse and end up back in the hospital’s psych ward for months. This 100% could have been avoided but he chose to be negligent. If you’re an “expert” in medications and mental health, you should know that that was not the right move. This caused my entire family so much stress and she was just about to go back to work as she was doing better (so we thought). Now this has delayed her healing and her return to work. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have reported this to AHS patient relations as well.

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