Dr Ariel Shafro

Dr Ariel Shafro

Dr Ariel Shafro is a Psychiatrist. Dr Ariel Shafro practices at Trillium Health Partners - in Mississauga, ON. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Ariel Shafro has 256 views and 1 review. According to 2 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 4.00 out of 5.
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  • Practice name Trillium Health Partners -
  • Address Trillium Health Partners -, Mississauga Site, 100 Queensway Drive, Mississauga ON L5B 1B8

One review of “Dr Ariel Shafro”

    Tanya Stephenson

    29 January 2022

    Dr. Shafro is by far the best Psychiatrist one can hope to get. His knowledge on the best psycho-pharmacology and psychosocial interventions is extensive. He is extremely professional, punctual, while simply being in touch with his patients. His communication skills from doctor to patient and patient to doctor is excellent. Dr. Shafro is a very easy doctor to communicate with, he listens well and makes you feel very much at ease during sessions. As his patient in the hospital, he will see you every day or communicate with you when he cannot on a given day. Dr. Shafro possesses excellent patient advocacy skills and will ensure you feel safe, well informed and comfortable under his care. Dr. Shafro is very helpful, kind and compassionate. He is willing to go the extra mile to make sure he delivers comprehensive patient and family centred care. I love the way he works collaboratively with the Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists on the mental health unit to better understand and meet patient’s bio-psychosocial needs, in order to improve their lives and health outcomes. He will oftentimes consult, advocate and liaise with community mental health Agencies and other Resources to assist patients in obtaining an array of community services—-whether it be housing, income supports, physical, spiritual or additional mental health care, etc.—– which meets THP’s mission which is—– healthcare built on inter-connected systems of care organized around patients—inside and outside the hospital. It’s very unfortunate that Dr. Shafro practice is only in-patient hospital care, because he would dominate the out-patient psychiatric private practice world.

    If you are fortunate to fall under Dr. Shafro’s care as an in-patient, rest assured you will be in the best hands for your health and road to recovery. A great doctor and a wonderful human being. Not sure which Dr. Shafro these other people on this site are referring to or rate low, because it is a far distance from my most positive experiences in his care.

    Remember… Being open, honest, co-operative with your Psychiatrist yields the best diagnosis, treatment and recovery outcomes. I’ve given Dr. Shafro 5/5 stars for excellence, quality care and service delivery.

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