Dr Ayman Srajeldin is a Family Doctor, GP in Hamilton, ON and Aldershot, ON. Dr Ayman Srajeldin has 350 views and 1 review. 6 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.00 out of 5.
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One thought on “Dr Ayman Srajeldin”


    12 August 2022

    This doctor ordered a drug screen on me without cause and without my consent.

    I told him I had been to that same ER with intense pain and fever days prior and was diagnosed with a UTI that had spread to my bladder, and was prescribed antibiotics by another doctor, who told me to come back for different antibiotics if I developed fever or vomiting. I developed both so went back.

    Dr Ayman Srajeldin saw me on my second visit and did not believe me. He saw me sweating, shaking, and in intense pain, and ordered a full drug screening, rather that listening to me about the problem that had already been diagnosed.

    I waited hours for the test results to come back before he finally put me on an IV with antibiotics, fluids, and painkillers. Once the IV bag had emptied he saw me again and told me “You look much better. You have colour in your face. When you came in here I thought you were a junkie.”

    I found out about the drug screening years later when going through old test results. If it weren’t for having to find my COVID-19 PCR results through the LifeLabs website I may have never known. He had no cause to do this; I had already told him about the diagnosis I got days prior at the same facility. I was not asking for opiates or anything like that, just antibiotics, so even the “”drug-seeking”” argument doesn’t apply.

    Most importantly, even if I was a drug user I still deserve dignity and healthcare. I would still need antibiotics for that infection if any of those screens had come back positive.

    I should file a formal complaint, but I’m simply too busy as a working person to fight this. I just want to warn others about this doctor’s stigma and assumptions.

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