Dr Bradley Ashman

Dr Bradley Ashman

Dr Bradley Ashman is a Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr Bradley Ashman practices in Nanaimo, BC. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Bradley Ashman has 1,631 views and 4 reviews. According to 9 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 4.56 out of 5.
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  • Address 301-1515 Dufferin Cres, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 5H6, Canada

4 reviews of “Dr Bradley Ashman”

    Amanda Wesselink

    27 October 2020

    I recently had surgery on my broken foot by Dr Ashman. The incisions were small and clean. Dr Ashman was very knowledgeable and gave me time to ask questions which he provided easy to understand answers. He’s super super tall. But he made a point of crouching down while speaking with me, for some reason I liked that. He’s very kind and made me feel very comfortable. He’s a fantastic surgeon/doctor.

    Mike Maslen

    12 July 2021

    Dr. Ashman recently performed a trans-tibial amputation to my right leg.
    Not only is he highly professional, but he is also a doctor and a human being, which means that he laid things out well, has excellent bedside manner, and was more than willing to talk about other things when he knew I needed some company. he was receptive to humour, questions and concerns.
    I will be fitted with a prosthetic soon, and I will get my life back!
    Thank you Doc!!!


    27 October 2021

    I would like to say I consider myself “Cowgirl Tough” and it takes alot to make me go to the hospital.
    Summer of 2018 I was bucked off my horse and was referred to Dr. Purnell, who then referred me to Dr. Ashman as he took an interest in my case.
    I met with Dr. Ashman for the first time in March of 2020 for my knee with a blown ACL & MCL. His receptionist is great, but should mention to people they need to bring shorts for a knee exam and their MRI disc if it was from a private clinic. That being said I did not have shorts and had to have one of those paper sheets over my lower body while he examined my knee (I am very self conscious of my legs) and needless to say it was super hard to “relax” with a sheet of paper covering myself. With my knee popping out while around my horses I opted to go ahead with Surgery.
    Surgery was performed Feb 2021, I remember saying to my mom after surgery as we were leaving the hospital how much my calf hurt and that pain continued onto into the night and next morning.
    We travelled home 6 hours my knee was fine but the throbbing in my calf kept growing and growing. I waited for the pain to get better and finally after 6 days of the worst pain in my life (it hurt to touch my bare foot to carpet NO PRESSURE ON IT) I called the nurses hotline, who mentioned that I go to emergency right away. Was seen by an ER Doctor who diagnosed me with a bloodclot, he prescribed medicine and gave me a shot for the pain.
    I went back to PG for my 1 week follow up and told Dr. Ashman that I was being treated for a bloodclot, he said that FSJ was overreacting and that he was 95% sure I did not have a Bloodclot.
    Back to FSJ we went, I had a follow up Ultrasound in 2 weeks, that determined I DID have a bloodclot. At my next in person appointment I let him know, and he said well it is a long ways from your heart. I started Physio in April about 12 weeks post op, and after my physio appointment I noticed and felt that my knee cap was moving out of place. I had a phone call follow up and he mentioned that I had a MAJOR, MAJOR surgery and that I needed to build my muscles up again. Fine, fair enough but no answer provided as to why my knee cap was sliding just that I needed to work up my quads again.
    July 2021 went to PG for a follow up in person appointment voiced my concerns with my knee cap sliding around and that I had went down stairs end of June and heard a loud pop in my knee that was operated on. Mentioned that at some angles my knee has a pain in it (like trying to fast walk across crosswalks), he then proceeded to lecture me that he performed this exact surgery on a fellow surgeon, who is VERY. VERY ACTIVE, he runs, he back country skies…….on and on…. I felt as though he was referring to myself as lazy and fat. After some tears and some discussion he agreed to refer me for an MRI.
    September 2021, Dr. Ashman calls me to ask “if I was sure the only thing I did to my knee was go down stairs and heard a pop” as he continued to tell me my ACL was torn again and my MCL had a tear. I let him chat and then I told him how I felt about him and his manners. Needless to say, I have been referred to another Surgeon for my Revision surgery and can only hope and pray it goes better this time. I wish those that see Dr. Ashman good luck.

    Stephen Bordignon

    19 May 2023

    Top level surgeon. His team replaced my hip after it broke and he visited everyday to assess progress for the 3 days I was in hospital following the surgery. Concise and thorough. Always with a smile. Competent. Made certain I wasn’t left in the dark on any related matters. Only been 6 weeks and I’m already back at work on limited duties but earning a living.

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