Dr Brooke Hogarth

Dr Brooke Hogarth

Dr Brooke Hogarth is a Family Doctor, GP. Dr Brooke Hogarth practices in Toronto, ON and Ryerson Medical Centre in Toronto, ON. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Brooke Hogarth has 828 views and 3 reviews. According to 5 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 3.80 out of 5.
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  • Gender Female
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  • Address 123 Edward Street, Suite 718, Toronto ON M5G 1E2
  • Practice name Ryerson Medical Centre
  • Address Ryerson Medical Centre, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto ON M5B 2K3, Canada

3 reviews of “Dr Brooke Hogarth”


    27 June 2022

    t is several years that Dr.Hogarth is my family doctor.She is honest,Punctual , professional, nice and intelligent doctor. I feel myself lucky for having such a family doctor and I will never forget her all hard works as a perfect doctor to cure me. Today that I am healthy it is cause of her honesty with her job/career. Thank you so much Dr.Hogarth….wish you more golden chances.


    2 July 2022

    This doctor got tied up with the unfortunate predicament of Steve Katsikaris.
    She got that guy Form One’d, then he somewhat got criminal charges, as if he was sane, found not guilty and caused a life of hell and misery. Guess that’s the fate for any man interacting with a Western woman in today’s Canadian society.


    7 December 2022

    Just to let you know that Dr. Hogarth has friendly relations with York Regional Police as she lives there.

    That means should Dr. Hogarth do any malpractice against you, there is a very high likelihood that York Regional Police will become involved. Google that incident with Dr. Brooke Hogarth and Ryerson Medical Centre. Dr. Hogarth is complicit in police corruption and violation of civil liberties.

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