Dr Christopher Nielsen is a Orthopedic Surgeon in Toronto, ON. Dr Christopher Nielsen has 2,029 views and 7 reviews. 7 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 2.14 out of 5.

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  • Address Room 1 East 449, UHN Toronto Western Hospital, 399 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON M5T 2S8

7 thoughts on “Dr Christopher Nielsen”

    Sandra Vujasinovic

    19 January 2021

    My son was lucky to have Dr. Nielsen do his fractured knee surgery. His first check up after surgery shows it was a success. We were seen on time in fracture clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. Everyone, from reception to nurses and of course Dr. Nielsen were superb. I hope my son’s recovery goes as well as it has been so far. Thank you Dr. Nielsen for helping us through this harrowing experience.


    16 June 2021

    This Doctor calls me and tells me I don’t do surgeries on numbness in the hand and pinching nerves or for degenerative discs or bulge desks he tells me he doesn’t do surgery for these things unbelievable I talked to a neurosurgeon which is higher than this guy and I’m told that I need the surgery this guy was my 2nd opinion and he was the worst guy to ever talk to in my life it just seems like these doctors has a chip on his shoulder He’s an ex hockey player which tells me hes very ignorant as I’m talking to him he has no respect for the patient and does not listen he just wants to tell you what he wants to tell you hes inexperienced hes only been a new orthopaedic surgeon for a few years and I think hes just scared to do the surgery I don’t know how somebody who has 25 years experience and who’s a neurosurgeon right away told me I need the surgery that’s unbelievable he was my 2nd opinion and he was the worst opinion ever I do not recommend at all.

    Catherine Sothern

    26 September 2022

    No spine surgery – possibly medical legal reports for spinal injuries only – injured in an accident- or other spine injury litigation claims- reports to personal injury lawyers- otherwise not helpful for spine disorders (congenital birth spine disorders)


    26 October 2022

    This doctor may very well be a great doctor, however, the wait times is ridiculous and need to be revised. My mom who suffers with back pain and cannot sit upright for prolong period of times had to endure a 2hr wait just to be placed into a room. Why do these doctors book appointments and then give strict instructions for your appointment time and arrival time when they constantly run there appointments 2hrs behind. Do they realize that some people are coming feom outside the city, we had a 3hr car ride to make our appointment time only to wait 2hrs in the waiting room.
    This is all well and good to the doctor and team because it is not their loved ones on the other end waiting in agony.
    I know this review will most likely fall on deaf ears as apposed to affecting changes to give patients a more positive outlook.
    NEED TO DO BETTER. We are all aging Dr. Neilson.


    2 November 2022

    I think there is a CPSO COMPLAINT already in place or in the process of implemented against this doctor, I would recommend staying away from this middle age male misogynistic over pompous, over privileged horrible bedside manner doctor – he closes doors while examining female patients to intimate women!! Do not see this male doctor if you are a woman alone- he is not even offering or qualified to do surgery anyways – best to stay away – and he makes you wait forever for everything including MRI – takes 10 months – He is probably overbilling OHIP as well!!


    21 November 2022

    These reviews are false.
    I find him to be easy going and easy to talk to.
    I agree the waiting time is too long but apparently all the hospitals are faced with the same problem.


    9 August 2023

    5 stars
    I feel so very blessed this Incredible surgeon excepted the challenge of fixing me. He gave me my life back. He was responsive, kind ,caring. He is excellence!
    What an amazing team of people he put together
    Thank you for giving me my life back ❤️

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