Dr Diana Owen is a Family Doctor, GP, Emergency Physician. Dr Diana Owen practices at Montfort Hospital in Ottawa, ON and Sault Area Hospital in Sault Ste Marie, ON. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Diana Owen has 167 views and 1 review. According to 1 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 1.00 out of 5.
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  • Practice name Montfort Hospital
  • Address Montfort Hospital, Emergency Department, 713 Montreal Road, Ottawa ON K1K 0T2
  • Practice name Sault Area Hospital
  • Address Sault Area Hospital, 750 Great Northern Rd, Sault Ste Marie ON P6B 0A8, Canada
What is the Dr Diana Owen's specialty?
Dr Diana Owen is a Family Doctor, GP, Emergency Physician.
What is the address of the Dr Diana Owen's practice?
Dr Diana Owen works at Montfort Hospital, Emergency Department, 713 Montreal Road, Ottawa ON K1K 0T2

One thought on “Dr Diana Owen”


    23 January 2021

    I came to the ER because I have been experiencing nausea and vomiting for three months. I am unable to eat and drink much, if anything as this has been progressing. I am vomiting entirely mucus, so much of it that I don’t vomit bile despite not eating. I say I am, because of what proceeded to happen. Despite the fact my nose has been broken for years and in the last three months has increased in size and became numb, despite the fact I lost complete function in my nose and cannot breathe at all as of recently, despite the fact it collapses on the left side now when I inhale, she proceeded to tell me my symptoms of illness were caused by my anxiety. She said my nose could not cause my symptoms, despite Telehealth confirming it. She acknowledged my nose is broken and deviated. I explained no, I was currently on anxiety meds, and have a prescription for twice daily. This means it is impossible for my symptoms to be caused by this. Due to the being nauseous with a stomach full of mucus, I cannot eat or drink, I will get nauseous and vomit. She told me post nasal drip could not cause me to not eat. This was the first misinformation. The second was when she incorrectly told me that my nose cannot be fixed by OHIP. To quote, she said I can just use my mouth, this isn’t an issue. This severely diminishes my quality of life, I cannot even go up a flight of stairs or exercise or breathe while I speak. I am ruining my teeth by vomiting everyday. I cannot pass a physical for the job I want. I can not control panic attacks using common techniques because of my nose. I am insecure because of the collapse and the droop. I am out of breath by speaking a sentence. I need a referral to an ENT, who will give me a treatment plan. My family doctor has not gotten his request accepted yet, so with my extreme symptoms that long term can lead to issues with my organs (dehydration, malnutrition, and my heart is already having palpitations when I vomit which I also mentioned.) The false information lead to me having a panic attack, understandably so. I explained I cannot afford the cost as I can barely work due to my condition. When she saw I was having a panic attack, despite me having a panic disorder in my chart, she called me irrational, and sent the crisis team. After that, she did not see me. I thought at first the crisis team meant I could receive resources for anxiety, as I mentioned I could not afford therapy when she asked. I trusted this doctor. I put my care in her hands. I answered all their questions truthfully, thinking it was amazing I could receive help, and get my referral to an ENT and anti nausea medication so I could finally eat. Then they came back, telling me my symptoms were entirely anxiety. Bringing up my past visit where I had stomach pain and nausea, saying that was all in my head. Side note, my last visit I was prescribed antibiotics and told it was PID. The antibiotics fixed my illness. Back on topic, I told them no, I was presently on Ativan, it was not anxiety. I also take klonopin two times daily, so I would not have been sick every day with mucus for three months straight. They would not listen, and tried to gaslight me into believing it. I would not have nausea at particular times if that was the case, right when I wake up usually at 4-5am. Not intentionally, it’s due to the nausea and vomiting. I am also laid off and have no stress in my life, I am extremely happy! They gave me antidepressants despite me not being sad at all, and said I was done. I was shocked because I had not received an IV for my extreme dehydration, I had not received anti nausea medication, and I had not received a referral to an ENT. An ENT works at monfort, and the receptionist told me that I didn’t need a referral if it is an emergency and I go to the ER, they will figure out a plan. I then asked for them to ask the doctor if I could have anti nausea medication, as I cannot eat. I told them all I ate the day before was four gummy bears. They came back and said the doctor said it isn’t medically necessary, I received the anti depressants. I insisted no, when I go home I still won’t be able to eat or drink. They said take the anti depressants. This doctor needs to be trained on how mental health affects the body, and how it doesn’t always cause physical symptoms. Listen to your patients, they know their body. I used my real name so if you see this, you know who I am. Have empathy for your patients, they are human too. I have read stories from others online who had their symptoms dismissed for mental illness. This needs to change. Once again, I did not receive any of the treatment I should have. I hope this never happens to anyone else.

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