Dr Geoffrey Jarvie is a Orthopedic Surgeon in Vernon, BC. Dr Geoffrey Charles Jarvie has 1,204 views and 5 reviews. 14 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 1.93 out of 5.

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  • Address 3411 31 Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 2H6

5 thoughts on “Dr Geoffrey Jarvie”


    19 November 2020

    This doctor is not a kind man and clearly does not like his job. Dr. Jarvie is a physician without empathy towards others.

    J. Spencer

    25 January 2021

    I saw Dr. Jarvie at the Vernon Ortho clinic. I appreciated his polite and patient manner. Dr. Jarvie respectfully and fully explained my knee issue and answered any concerns I may have had.

    Mel Tacoma

    21 June 2021

    Dr Jarvie recently performed an ulnar oseotomy on me, he did an excellent job, he kept me informed, he was pleasant. He is a thorough surgeon and I highly recommend him.


    23 December 2021

    Unbelievably disrespectful. No empathy whatsoever towards patient. What a miserable man.

    S. Harder

    26 October 2022

    Dr. Geoff Jarvie is the WORST doctor ever!! I have Never experienced anything like this in my entire life!! But first of all, I want to point out, that I have the utmost respect for all doctors, specialist, surgeons and all medical personal! Reason for my visit with Dr. Jarvie, was to have my stitches removed from my foot, post-op. I saw Dr. Jarvie at the Vernon Ortho Clinic VJH, only because my surgeon was unavailable to work the clinic that day. I arrived to the clinic on crutches with a bleeding abscess on the top of my foot where the stiches were, right at the incision. I was in unimaginable pain and anxious about Anyone touching my bleeding, ripped stitches in my foot. First thing I asked Dr. Jarvie was, “Do I have a blood clot?” He said, “NO” you do not have a blood clot! You are fine and good to go back to work! Again, I expressed my concern about the “massive” bleeding, oozing, lump at the incision. It was so big that it was bleeding constantly when I tried to walk and put pressure on, not to mention, the pain was unbearable and therefore I couldn’t wear a shoe, just barefoot. I practically begged him to write me a note excusing me from work because I was in so much pain and still on crutches and I knew I was incapable of work. He said he would excuse me for two more weeks with the promise, I follow up with my surgeon. By the time I was able to see my surgeon, (because he was away) from the time I was at the clinic in the hospital with Dr. Jarvie, nine very long, extremely challenging, unnecessary days past, my symptoms worsening each day; however, I was told I was fine, so a part of me believed him, the other part of me knew something was really wrong. I was later diagnosed with yes…A massive hematoma!! I feel this was completely avoidable, careless and ignorant on Dr. Jarvie’s behalf!! He totally ignored me and I felt completely unheard!! I was already at the hospital clinic, so I could have very easily been treated right then and there! But no, I was sent home and told I was fine! Obviously, Not fine at all since I ended up back at the hospital nice days later, having a second surgery on the same spot again, more stitches on my mincemeat, ripped up aching foot. This then snowballed into six long months of open wound, two months of wound care vac, debridement, PT, Pain clinics, once a week doctor visits for six months, eventual CRPS diagnosis and that is the beginning of what should have never been! Please, people, do your homework and read the reviews, this doctor not only ignored me, his bedside mannerism was horrible. He was with me for a very short time and all he cared about was getting his coffee, unbelievable. Now, for the past two years, I am dealing with CRPS because of all the unnecessary trauma and double surgery my foot has endured. This has not only affecting my job, but this is now my life and all because I was unheard and ignored! You are your biggest advocate, take care of you!

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