Dr George Mak is a Cardiologist, General Internal Medicine Doctor (GIM) has a practice at North Shore Heart Centre in North Vancouver, BC. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English
  • Gender Male
  • Practice name North Shore Heart Centre
  • Address North Shore Heart Centre, 400-1133 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2H4
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12 reviews of “Dr George Mak”

    E Dodds

    16 November 2020

    My wife and I were both extremely impressed with the care we received from DR Mak.
    He was extremely thorough in our interviews and took time to ensure we understood my situation.
    I have no hesitation in recommending him!


    13 August 2021

    My father sees him, he is incredibly informative and takes the time to explain everything. Genuinely kind.

    Jude therrien

    15 December 2021

    If your able to have your family doc to make an appointment for you then consider yourself lucky because this stock is what the other two reviewers put down is extremely nice person he’s so it was an explanation and you got any questions he’ll answer them where is offices is with other cardiologist and every one of those doctors in that office are highly recommended fight all of their patients the setting is very professional the ladies that are behind the counter they each work for the doctor one of the doctors and yeah I’m about to head in for my second stress test and I’m crossing my fingers it’s going to be better than the last one so don’t hesitate this guy’s good highly recommend it and he also have lots of different specialties under his belt road and I’ve seen amount of papers in his former years and yeah

    Jude therrien

    15 December 2021

    For my comment on this this doctor is if there was 10 Stars for the review that’s what I give them cuz he’s good personable and great bedside manners so if you’re able to get an appointment with him I suggest you do very professional very smart and has numerous papers that he is written over the years that has been peer reviewed he knows what he’s talking about okay everybody take care

    Barbara Bernhardt

    20 January 2022

    AN EXCELLENT CARDIOLOGIST WHO HAS GREAT DIAGNOSTIC SKILL. Unfortunately I received a second opinion from another cardiologist with more experience and listened to the second opinion. Dr. Mak was right, the second one was wrong. Very unlucky me. I ended up with a heart attack and surgery. But a recommendation for Dr. Mak’s diagnostic abilities.


    6 February 2022

    Exceptional. Dr. George Mak is thorough, informative, caring and very positive, He is up to date on procedures and has wonderful training. He is top notch and his consultation with his patients is thoughtful and direct. He makes a difference for patients dealing with very important health issues. We are fortunate to have him as my cardiologist.

    john spencer

    24 June 2022

    A first-rate cardiologist with an excellent interpersonal style. Five stars in both categories.


    4 August 2022

    I am extremely impressed with Dr. G Mak. He took the time to call and explain what had happened to my son that was diagnosed with myocarditis. He was thorough and kind and gave a very detailed explanation. Highly recommend this cardiologist.

    Roxana Palcu

    17 October 2022

    One of the best experiences I have had with a doctor. Dr Mak is considerate, respectful, an excellent and patient listener, and a thoughtful diagnostitian. I left my appointment feeling cared for.

    Frederick Reynolds

    3 May 2023

    Dear Dr Mak, Many thanks for your excellent explanation of my current heart condition this morning. Your clarification, advice and prognosis were clear and elucidated in a non technical way. It is now over to me to work on lowering my cholesterol.
    Thanks for your work, see you next year.
    Best regards
    Fred Reynolds

    Terry Thompson

    4 July 2023

    By far the best doctor I have ever encountered. Friendly, professional, patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him.


    1 February 2024

    George Mak is old school; he wants patients who will not ask hard questions. Very condescending. Sexist. Does not take feedback well. Mocks patients who want to learn more (aka second opinion or even further reading) about his diagnostic conclusions. Appointment scheduling must be coded wrong because his office sends wrong automated messages that don’t correspond to what your appointment will be about. Unreliable historian; the letter he sent to my family doc was filled with errors. Worst experience I’ve ever had with BC doc.