Dr Gregory Hansen is a Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr Gregory Hansen practices in Cranbrook, BC. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Gregory Hansen has 3,182 views and 7 reviews. According to 13 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 3.85 out of 5.
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  • Address 117 10TH Ave S, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2N1, Canada
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  • Address 1460 McDonald Rd, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 6V9

7 reviews of “Dr Gregory Hansen”

    Ian Stokie

    25 February 2021

    I was referred to Dr Hansen by my local M.D. regarding a serious foot injury. I was told by his office that a consult would be 8-12 weeks. Phoned several times to check in and when 12 weeks was up I was told he had looked at my information and sent the referral back to my doctor. So three months waiting and not even a call or consult and now a different referral and more waiting.

    Barbara Huckvale

    13 April 2021

    Dr. Hansen in Cranbrook, BC is very responsive. He has called me very soon after receiving each xray. He takes the time to answer my questions. His estimate of my recovery time has been accurate.

    Lyla Bossenberry

    14 July 2021

    I saw Dr Hansen for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He kind and took the time to explain what he would be doing and the risks. I felt very comfortable with him and am really looking forward to getting a new knee.


    24 June 2022

    Do not count on a response from Dr. Hansen once a referral is received in his office. With extensive knee damage including a fracture and an urgent Family Dr. request, he has not reached out to consult, or advise how to move forward with physio or when to expect a surgery. His office staff are direct with a “it will still be 4-6 month before he can see you” is not comforting in the least! Being classified as an essential worker once the pandemic hit and now the 15 weeks of Medical EI expired, & no extended health coverage (yes many employers do not offer this!) I’m still injured have no income. Have no choice but find a new job to accommodate my limited mobility in hopes I don’t do further damage! NOTE: WCB will not cover you if you re-injure a Pre-existing injury. For not reaching out to a patient is the reason for a NEGATIVE review. I have heard nothing but good reviews for his surgical skills.

    Linda Buch

    4 November 2022

    Dr Hansen has done both end stage osteoarthritis knee replacements for me.
    He was very through in his explanations of what would happen, what to expect post surgery and the risks involved. I am very satisfied with my outcomes as they were exactly as expected. He is a very skilled and professional doctor. I have had excellent follow up. And no it wasn’t easy either time, but I was well prepared and able to cope because I understood all phases. I highly recommend this doctor.

    Kim Desborough

    15 February 2023

    I needed emergency surgery for a complex oblique break to my lower leg from skiing, and was sent to Dr Hansen in East Kootenay Regional Hospital. The entire hospital system was efficient, caring, thorough and professional. Dr Hansen immediately organised a CT scan to get clearer images than the X rays from the previous hospital could provide prior to my surgery. My surgery was done the same day and they were ready for me early, about half an hour before my scheduled time. Dr Hansen explained everything to me in detail both before the surgery to insert a plate and screws into my right leg, as well as after. After surgery, he also explained where he had placed the plate given my small frame, and explained after surgery care to me and my husband, as we had to fly home (Australia) in. the next few days. I was very impressed with the level of care I received, and cannot speak too highly of Dr Hansen. (PS You know your orthopaedic surgeon is Canadian when he wears a red and black lumberjack shirt!!)

    Sven Oßenbrink

    24 April 2023

    Got a broken hip and elbow via bike accident. I need emergency surgery Dr Hansen explained everything to me in detail both before the surgery to insert and as well after. I was very impressed with the level of care I received, and cannot speak too highly of Dr Hansen. fine and high quality work

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