Dr Gurpreet Khakh

Dr Gurpreet Khakh


Dr Gurpreet Khakh is a Neurologist has a practice at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, BC. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English
  • Gender Male
  • Phone 778-644-5705
  • Practice name Royal Inland Hospital
  • Address 311 Columbia St, Kamloops, BC, V2C 2T1
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  • Address 300-546 St Paul Street, Kamloops BC
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8 reviews of “Dr Gurpreet Khakh”

    Gregory Dirks

    26 October 2021

    Amazing doctor!


    16 August 2022

    I had a scheduled appointment. I was never provided contact information for the office and could not find it published anywhere inspite of my best efforts. I became quite ill and tested positive for covid three days before my appointment. With no way to contact the office and no confirmation call, text or follow up from them I missed the appointment. I attempted re schedule and was told that because I was a no show they refuse to ever see me again. Pretty disappointing.

    Penny Holmes

    30 November 2022

    I sympathize with CH. I just received an automated call for a January appointment. The ‘computerized’ voice was difficult to understand and spoke very quickly. You were required to confirm the appointment prior to being given all the information – in particular the address and phone number. I just googled Dr. Khakh’s name and there is no information regarding address or telephone number. This doctor’s booking system is definitely flawed and a patient should not be penalized for missing the appointment.


    29 March 2023

    Someone left a message could not understand and it came up twice “Suspected Spam”
    They left an appt. date and time and I have no idea why or who referred me………
    I called…left a message and will wait 🤷‍♀️

    Sharon M

    27 April 2023

    Finally a doctor who took the time to listen! I was thoroughly checked out and had several tests. I am being referred for an MRI and the doctor gave me suggestions how to cope in the meantime. I wish I’d been referred to Dr. Khahk a year ago. Thank you.

    Matt P

    19 May 2023

    Dr. Khakh is an exceptional doctor. He and the technician who ran the tests were both kind and professional. He contacted me today regarding the results of some tests I had over a month ago. His thoroughness is a welcome reprieve during these times, when it can be hard to find a doctor who takes your medical issues and disability seriously. I highly recommend him. If you’re referred to his office for treatment, you are in good hands.

    J sims

    1 November 2023

    I may not get to see this doctor who I’ve waited a long while to schedule with as the appointment was set for December 19. The town is an hour and a half from my home. Road conditions are unpredictable but if rescheduling cannot be accommodated without a fee I have to cancel.


    23 January 2024

    We received 3 calls, my spouse has difficulty with phones. They cancelled his appointment that was very short notice 3 days. We have winter storms, icy roads. No way could we make a 2.5 hour drive in those conditions to Kelowna. I called back , no answer, left a message, no call back. 3 days now. Should I call again or have GP do it?