Dr Jetinder Gill

Dr Jetinder Gill


Dr Jetinder Gill is a Psychiatrist has a practice in Toronto, ON. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English
  • Gender Male
  • Address Polyclinic Family and, Specialty Medicine, 2 Champagne Drive, Toronto ON M3J 0K2
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  • Address 535 Mulock Dr, All Med Health, Newmarket ON L3Y 5H2, Canada
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13 reviews of “Dr Jetinder Gill”

    Sharon Lamb

    10 November 2021

    Worst experience with a Dr in my life.

    He was unprofessional, sarcastic, brazenly judgmental, and in my opinion, biased. He would ask rapid fire questions then act incredulous with my reply but wouldn’t allow me to explain. His judgments were taken out of context. He treated me like I was a pill addict when all he had to do was look at my file and would have seen I am not. He was dismissive and lacked any sort of empathy. I went there for help and walked out stunned and feeling traumatized.


    2 December 2021

    As a long-term patient of Dr. Gill’s, I completely disagree with the review above. I’ve been seeing Dr. Gill for over a year, and he has been the most amazing doctor I have ever had! He is detailed, thorough, compassionate, hard working, very professional, always going above and beyond. I was having a really rough time(and to be honest was a complete mess) when I first saw him, he spent the most time with me vs any other doctor I’ve ever seen in the past, listened to every word, very patient – first time I felt heard by a doctor. In our follow up appts, he helped clean up my medications (as I was on wayyy too many pills), he helped me get off all of them and then worked with me closely to find the right antidepressants that would work for me. He’s never in a rush, and I’ve always enjoyed our appointments. Every time we meet he always teaches me something new. He’s very passionate about mental health, and it really shows in his knowledge. I usually don’t post reviews online, but I felt the review above was soo misleading and inaccurate, that I felt obligated to post. Dr. Gill is the best! Saved my life, and I owe it all to him. I’d highly recommend, am so happy I found a psychiatrist who actually cares! Never had a doctor who goes the extra mile like Dr. Gill does. I’m forever grateful to this doctor, he really helped me get out of a dark hole, and continues to do so. We need more doctors like him.


    21 June 2023

    I completely disagree with the nice review above, and agree with the first person. This guy was extremely rude, judgemental and close-minded. I didn’t seek out mental health help for over 2 years and just suffered in silence after seeing him because it made me so anxious to imagine being interrogated and judged so harshly like that ever again.


    21 June 2023

    Had my first appointment today with Dr. Gill, I was really impressed! Nice guy, funny at times, felt very comfortable. Appointment was really long though, but can’t really complain about having too long of an appointment with a psychiatrist right? [lol, most of my walk-in appts with family doctors last five minutes at most 🙁 🙁 🙁 ]. He was nice though – at one point he noticed I was getting tired — allowed me to take a short break (much needed!) and even offered me a bottle of water (thoughtful gesture).

    I’ve seen a few psychiatrists over the years, what I liked about him was he asked a lot of questions and was really detailed. He didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear (which is refreshing!) and explained everything (his diagnosis, treatment plan, etc – a lot of the stuff he says makes sense!!). Seems pretty genuine, which is hard to find these days. The other thing I really liked was at the end of our appointment he gave me TONS of resources, felt I had a direction for once, a next step (a lot of times I leave doctors offices confused :S – not today though). It shows he is very organized. Very good experience!


    23 June 2023

    One of the worst psychiatrists I’ve ever seen in the past thirty years. Unprofessional, rude, arrogant, condescending. Was well over an hour late for his appointment, despite having sent me a form indicating how much money I’d owe him if I was even just a little bit late. My time is valuable too.

    Whipped off his mask first thing even though I clearly wasn’t comfortable with it. Wasted the first half hour going over my medical history, asking irrelevant questions about things he should have already known from my family doctor. Nitpicked every little thing I said, even if it wasn’t at all relevant. Wouldn’t listen to anything I actually set and continually interrupted me, not letting me finish my sentences.

    When I mentioned looking for therapy and how difficult a time I was having getting it (I have ongoing chronic depression and anxiety) he spent almost an hour going on about how most people who are looking for therapy don’t need it, without giving me a chance to interject. Talked way too fast. Insisted I stop taking my current meds despite my telling him that I would suffer negative consequences if I did. Clearly wasn’t listening to me, just kept insisting he’s right because he’s a “professional”.

    Well excuse me!
    Like he literally took out his DSM-5 book and shook it in front of me as if to prove his (incorrect) point. I’ve read the DSM-5 too. Don’t assume your patients are unknowning.

    Didn’t actually talk me through any of the medicines he suggested, not even mentioning them by name, and did nothing to help me find a therapist or any other help. Just shoved a stack of papers of “hand-picked” resources at me (mostly web links) that I already have checked out or could have easily found using the internet (and are all hopelessly useless), including a number of items that cost money, despite me telling him I have nothing to my name.

    Very. Not. Impressed.


    23 June 2023

    I’ve had many appointments with him to date, very good experience so far, no complaints, I’m happy being under his care. Very thorough, knows his stuff. Explains everything in detail. Always makes time (even on short notice). Couldn’t ask for more.


    23 June 2023

    He has been treating my eldest child for the past two yrs, I was really desperate as very few psychiatrists are willing to see or treat children these days. My son was very depressed for a long time and previous therapy did not work. He agreed to manage my son’s care, and I’m so grateful as my son’s depression improved with the right meds to the point he is now back in school, getting good grades, and living a full life. Dr. Gill now looks after my entire family. Bless his heart.


    24 June 2023

    Saw him last year for several months when I was down and out and ready to call it quits on myself. The man helped me overcome my then alcohol addiction – I was drowning my sorrows with booze when I met him and really didn’t know what to expect as I was really there just to appease those around me (my family, employer, others). He spent a good lot of time with me and after hearing my story agreed to see me regularly (to my surprise – as no one else would). We butted heads on more than a few occasions early on – which in hindsight, truth be told, I didn’t want to listen to what he had to say and just was waiting for him to fire me like every other doctor did in the past. I did whatever I could do to press his buttons (arguing, yelling, threatening, debating, you name it) so I could point the finger at him and blame him when things didn’t work. But he saw right through this and called me out on my attempts to self-sabotage my own treatment (those of us who have been in active addiction know what I’m talking about). He wouldn’t give up on me and was the only one who believed in me when no one else would (including myself). Fast forward to today, I’m one year sober, working a steady job, back in college, and have my family back. To the naysayers, try to see that the man is trying to help. I’ve seen my fair share of ‘yes men’ doctors who will just say whatever they need to to get you out of the office – I can tell you first hand Dr. Gill is not one of them. You may not like his opinion (I didn’t at first – but like I said I didn’t want to listen), but at the end of the day he has your best interest at heart. And believe me, he will bend over backwards to do what is best for you as long as you are willing to put in the work. He’s a good doctor who works hard and always makes time for you even if he’s got an overbooked schedule. Thanks Dr. Gill for all that you do. Keep up the good work, you’ve at least changed one life for the better. Thinking of you on my one year sobriety date. Thank you again for believing in me!


    25 June 2023

    Brilliant psychiatrist – Dr. Gill helped me overcome the trauma leading to my PTSD – He helped me understand trauma in ways that I never thought before, taught me ways to stop feeding into the power and control the trauma has over my life, and instilled hope in me that I could get better. He found the right medications to control my PTSD symptoms. He also gave me certain books to read to further my understanding of the impact of trauma on my life (The Body Keeps The Score was one he suggested which was amazing). He also gave me many helpful video links to understand the different types of trauma therapies out there (which eventually led me to getting a therapist to do EMDR with). He also connected me with trauma support treatment groups which I never knew existed. Dr. Gill helped me navigate the confusing medical system we have and has been my biggest advocate working tirelessly when my insurance provider was trying to cut me off disability. I still have work to do, but I am forever indebted to him for the help he has given me and for all the progress I’ve made. Thanks to him, I feel I have my life back.


    25 June 2023

    As far as I’m concerned Dr. Gill is the GOAT frfr. He treated my OCD which was crippling me for years. With his help, I’m now better and living my best life. Haters gonna hate. But if your serious about getting better, he’s your guy. Enough said. Salute!


    26 June 2023

    He very very good doctor . . he help my refugee claim . . me and my family have life in Canada thank to him . . I no understand people who say not nice thing . . I think he is best psychiatrist in Canada . . Dr Gill strong and fight for all of us . . he take good care of me and my family . . I proud he my doctor


    17 September 2023

    Amazing psychiatrist!!!! Helped me so much!!


    29 January 2024

    Fantastic! Great experience so far. Very helpful, so glad I was able to find him!