Dr Kristopher Kowal is a Neurologist in Surrey, BC. Dr Kristopher Mitchel Kowal has 2,651 views and 7 reviews. 34 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 2.94 out of 5.
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  • Practice name Jim Pattison Outpatient Care Centre
  • Address Jim Pattison Outpatient Care Surgery Centre, 9750 140 St, Level 3C, Neurology, Surrey, BC, V3T 0G9

7 thoughts on “Dr Kristopher Kowal”


    29 January 2021

    Dr Kowal is a professional and knowledgeable doctor. Receptionists are kind and polite. I’m so thankful to meet professionals people to help me with my health issues. I strongly recommend to everyone Dr Kowal.

    Michael Hale

    17 June 2021

    Having read previous negative reviews I was curious to say the least. The doctor I saw did not resemble those reviews at all. He was quick, obviously very bright, explained in detail what was happening with my wife in a caring, professional manner. He gave a clear description of my wife’s Neurodegenerative disorder and how it affects her eyes, and her vision. It might’ve been a bit technical for some, but I appreciated it.

    Rev Audrey Mabley

    28 October 2021

    I do not believe all these reports! Dr.Kowal was pleasant,professional caring, granted me wisdom + comfort in my appointment..I recommended him I am a Christian minister and do share truth amen


    13 May 2022

    I personally cannot say enough good things about this doctor. There are many unprofessional doctors out there but Dr.Kowal is one of the best. He is very thorough and wants to get to the root of his patients problems and help them to feel better. Every time I walk into the office I know I will be listened to and taken care of.


    18 March 2023

    Kowal is another one of these highly arrogant specialists that dress like they’re going to a cocktail party instead of work. For some reason, specialists think they belong from the television series House and throw away professionalism not wear the labcoat. Dress how they want and multitask texting on their phones while the patient is being examined right in front of them.

    Oh, he’s aware that I need to translate the diagnosis to my Father who speaks limited English, and nonetheless proceeds to speaks very fast expecting you to comprehend him as if you’re a medical intern. The audacity. Then, uses a bank analogy to describe blood clots…What? Gives off vibe/energy he wants you gone out of his office ASAP. Impatient energy throughout the appointment.

    Hans Weirich

    13 April 2023

    I saw Dr. Kowal on an eye issue, diagnosed as BRAO, and found him knowledgeable, friendly, well informed about my history,
    and having the time to explain the issue and potential treatment. I wish I could say this about every specialist I have seen in the last few years;

    Tristan Connelly

    25 April 2023

    Dr.Kowal put me on medication that carried serious potential side effects including anger, aggression(extreme rage) suicidal thoughts several other serious issues. I had all of these symptoms and several others. When I tried to contact his office, his receptionist told me they “they would call me don’t call them, go to the ER if I have a problem”. I went to the ER 6 times and talked to a GP 4 times. The doctors all said Dr.Kowal was the only one that could authorize change in my meds, but said it was urgent that they were changed immediately and faxed him with no response. After months of doctors sending urgent faxes there was no response. I was left with no choice but make a dangerous decision on my own to stop the medication (I emailed his office with no response that I was stopping because of side effects) as I was on the edge of killing myself. Within 24 hours of stopping medication all my symptoms disappeared and I felt better than I’ve felt since my hospitalization.
    I contacted another neurologist office and expressed my frustration and they got back to me immediately and confirmed I cannot be on those meds, made a new plan and have been available for immediate response on all my issues.
    I will say I know many people within the medical community that speak highly of Dr.Kowals skill and knowledge. That being said, a good doctor doesn’t put people on medication that can cause these issues without being available if and when these serious side effects occur. Furthermore, with no line of advice for the patient. Me and my family are disgusted with the handling of my case and I can’t say how thankful I am to be under another doctors care.

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