Dr Lois Ligate is a Psychiatrist in Victoria, BC and Victoria, BC. Dr Lois Jane Ligate has 395 views and 1 review. 3 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 2.33 out of 5.
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One thought on “Dr Lois Ligate”


    11 January 2022

    Possibly one of the worst experiences I have ever had working with a mental health ‘professional’. I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life, suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety and many other severe mental health issues, and I desperately needed to see a psychiatrist to get feedback on some kind of diagnosis and recommended medications. All of the local psychiatrists had a 6 month or longer wait, however I was able to access Dr. Ligate through my university, and she only had a month long wait (now I see why the wait was so short…). We met through Zoom, and right off the bat she was unwelcoming, and impatient, even her tone of voice was curt and aggressive. She was possibly the most uncompassionate person I have ever spoken too, I was a second year psychology student at the time and it was obvious to me that she had not received any kind of counseling or therapy training, or if she had, she had LONG forgotten it. I confided my most personal, vulnerable feelings and experiences, and I vividly remember what she said next, because it truly shocked me; she responded by telling me ‘it really wasn’t that bad though, you should be grateful, I have heard stories much worse than yours’ (her words, not mine). I understand a psychiatrist is a doctor, who job it is to diagnose patients and prescribe medication, but as someone who is supposed to be a mental health professional, and who works with some of the most vulnerable, at-risk people, this was absolutely appalling to me. She devalidated my feelings and my experiences, she made me feel horrible about myself. Fortunately I had been through many counseling sessions by that point in my life, so I knew she was the one in the wrong in that situation, however, what if someone went to see her who didn’t know any better? What if someone truly took those words to heart, and thought ‘wow, I really am just overdramatic, and a huge burden to everyone in my life, maybe I really don’t deserve to be alive anymore’. It breaks my heart to think of all the people that were suffering that went to her for help, and ended up leaving feeling even worse.

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