Dr Martha Decker is a General Internal Medicine Doctor (GIM) in Lethbridge County, AB. Dr Martha Lyn Decker has 1,440 views and 2 reviews. 9 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.56 out of 5.

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  • Address 204-1921 Mayor Magrath Drive South, Lethbridge County, Alberta, Canada, T1K 2R8

2 thoughts on “Dr Martha Decker”


    16 December 2021

    Iam writing this review because of the treatment I received from sharon the receptionist at dr Martha Deckers office today. I was told by dr decker that if I experienced a really bad flare up to give the office a call and she would get me in, as she has done in the past so many times. Yesterday I called in saying I was having a allergic reaction to my biologic and was having a horrible flare up that was incredibly painful and the receptionist told me she would send a message to the doctor. This was at 10 am. So today I was woken up at 2am with the intense pain and swolleness I’ve had in a long time so I called in again and spoke with sharon the receptionist again. She told me she could get me in next week sometime or to go to a walk in clinic or try to make a appointment with my family doctor. I explained that dr decker told me to phone in when things got bad and she would get me in as a emergency. Sharon the worst receptionist in the city told me once again to go my family doctor. I explained to her again that’s not her call to make, especially after the SPECIALIST told me to call in. I said to her what is my family doctor gonna do ? She said I dont know so then I said well if u dont know then why would you tell me to go there ?This is why I have a specialist isnt it ?All my family doctor is gonna do is tell me to see my specialist. This is the 4th time I have called in with a extreme flare up and somehow the receptionist speaks for the doctor. You know I wish the receptionist had severe Rhumatoid arthritis. It’s nice to know that my quality of life rests with the new receptionist and not the doctor. The old receptionist there was amazing. She actually had compassion for the patients that were ill. So based on how the conversation went, I dont need a rheumatologist a walk in clinic or my family doctor has the tools to deal with my disease. Thank u Sharon. Sharon your job is to answer phones not to dictate who gets seen and who doesnt.


    28 February 2022

    Last week my 86year old mother, doubled over in pain and crying phoned the office to make an appointment. The receptionist told her there were no openings till April, my mother then asked if the Dr.could please call her as she was wondering if the extra medication she was prescribed could be causing her the pain and sickness she was having. The receptionist told her no that the Dr.was too busy to call. My sister who was with my mom at the time, talked to the receptionist asking her where her compassion was , the receptionist laughed, shame on her, if you can’t find the sympathy and compassion to deal with those in pain and suffering maybe you need to find another line of work.
    My sister then asked for the Dr.to please call my mother but never received a call. I’d like to think that maybe the Dr never got the message, cause if she knew a patient was in that kind of pain she would have taken a few minutes to call..

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