Dr Melanie Zimmermann

Dr Melanie Zimmermann


Dr Melanie Zimmermann is a Obstetrician, Gynecologist has a practice in Barrie, ON. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English
  • Gender Female
  • Address 1-225 Mapleview Dr E, Barrie ON L4N 0W5
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  • Address 370 Bayview Dr Suite , Suite 200, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 7L3
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5 reviews of “Dr Melanie Zimmermann”


    26 July 2021

    After not listening to my client in regards to her ongoing issues with high blood pressure during a non stress test, Dr Zimmerman actually suggested to her that her baby would die if she left the hospital. Shocked and disgusted !


    25 August 2021

    As a first time mom I expected a little more guidance from my OB. Not once was a birth plan discussed or even the birthing process explained, or signs of labour. She performed a membrane sweep without informing me that she would be on vacation for my last week of pregnancy and booked my next prenatal with me for AFTER my due date. She was very misleading and appointments always felt rushed. I am now nearly 40 weeks pregnant and was left with absolutely no one to contact besides RVH L&D department which is a completely different nightmare. Had I been informed that I would be essentially be left high and dry for the final weeks of my pregnancy I would have found a different doctor. I have registered with a new hospital and will be seeing a new OB which is completely ridiculous to have to do in the final weeks of a pregnancy.


    23 September 2021

    I was referred to Dr. Zimmerman and was told she was “amazing”. Had three appointments with her and today, on the last one, she brings up the option for me to see another Gyno. She said “I have no great explanation why I feel this way [since the first day she met me she felt a barrier, like it’s not going to workout, why she always rambles on and doesn’t let me be heard] but every time we meet I have the sense that you don’t feel like I’m hearing you. If you’d like me to refer you to another Gyno I’ll do so”. I never brought it up. All this while I was half naked on the bench waiting for her to do a biopsy. I’m so tired and exhausted that I’m just going to start all over again with another Gyno. Every time I’d ask her to slow down, repeat something or ask for further clarification she’d take a big sigh. Did not even get to find out what’s wrong with me. Do not Reccomended.


    14 December 2021

    I had an amazing experience with Dr. Zimmerman for my first pregnancy. My family doctor referred me to her as he does not deliver anymore and before getting pregnant I had a lot of health problems/ emergency surgeries happen to me so he wanted to set me up with someone right away as he knew I would need to be monitored close! Him and Dr. Zimmerman both took great care of me. She even delivered my baby right before she went off on maternity leave herself. She coached me through everything, every appointment she went over everything in great detail! At 28 weeks a ultrasound (I know that is not normally when you get one but she wanted to aire on the side of caution and do extra ultrasounds in between the regular ones just be safe!) discovered that I had a short and open cervix and I was told to go to the hospital right away. From there (my hospital was not equipped to deal with a 28 week preemie) so I was shipped off to Toronto in case baby came early. After 2 weeks and countless tests and exams they finally let me come home to my home hospital where I got to finally see Dr. Zimmerman again. No other doctor wanted to listen to me, I just wanted to go home and they all would not allow it. Dr. Zimmerman listened to me, like actually listened, gave me a short list of what I could do, she still wanted me on bed rest, but she actually listened and let me go home!!! I was not doing well mentally being in the hospital for over 2 weeks and she could see that! My baby was not delivered until 37.5 and that was because I was induced by Dr. Zimmerman due to some cord issues so we had to get baby out, they did not want to leave him anymore. Thank goodness I was in her care and not other doctors who kept scaring me saying you can’t go home, it is not safe! I do not know how much more I would have lasted if she did not let me go!


    8 September 2022

    I have been seeing Dr Zimmerman for a few months due to abnormal cervical cells. Dr Zimmerman is lovely. She is kind and gentle and she explains what she is doing. I appreciate her time keeping as I have not had to wait. The office staff are helpful and friendly.