Dr Moses Mafowosofo is a Family Doctor, GP in Calgary, AB. Dr Moses Shola Mafowosofo has 902 views and 4 reviews. 11 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.18 out of 5.

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  • Address Vineyard Medical Clinic Seton, 19665 Seton Way SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3M 1T4

4 thoughts on “Dr Moses Mafowosofo”

    Preman Jonahs

    23 May 2021

    Visited Dr. Moses Mafowosofo today with my son for a popping collar bone. It was the most disinterested examination by the doctor with more interest in finishing off with us than any physical examination of worth. Just wrote it off as my “over-reaction”. Hardly any bedside manner or interest in his work.


    24 January 2022

    Dr Mafowosofo is an incredible doctor as he strives so hard to help you or find someone that can help you with your problem. He is friendly and courteous and never talks down to you. My old family physician did nothing to help resolve my chronic pain whereas Dr Mafowosofo (straight after meeting me) assured me that he would do everything in his power to help me find the treatment I needed. I could not recommend him MORE to everyone.


    3 March 2022

    I have the worst experience with Dr Moses Mafowosofo. I came into his new clinic with my FIRST pregnancy that l was really excited about. First, he said:”Before you get excited, let’s wait for the first ultrasound if even the baby has the right placement and a heart (which l believe he meant heartbeat, but English isn’t his first language). Then, he wrote down a requisition for a blood work, where he forgot to add thyroid even after me telling him multiple times that l have to get my thyroid checked.
    When taking my and my partner’s family history, he asked about my partner’s race and looking at him said “Caucasian, right” even though he is very clearly Asian. So l wonder if Dr Moses is incompetent or just indifferent to his patients.

    I didn’t feel safe to have Dr Moses as my family doctor, so l left and will never come back nor will ever recommend him to anyone that cares about their health or health of their baby!!


    31 March 2022

    Number of concerns… I called in and requested a telephone appointment & Dr. Moses quickly called back that day. I have genetic concerns in my family & in pre conception planning wanted to seek genetic counsel. The wait time for this is up to 2 years. I spoke to genetics and was recommended to work with private testing. It was a very streamline process but I did need a Dr’s referral. I explained to him that he would refer me to a well known private testing and they would follow up with the results & a genetic counsellor would support him in understanding the results. He said “I am not comfortable with this and said he was concerned about his license.” He chose to call me that day & I did not rush the telephone appointment to be ASAP or anything… he told me that he had a number of patients in his waiting room that he was ignoring as he spent 1 hour with me and told me he usually only spends 15 minutes per patient. NOT MY PROBLEM, he chose to call me back several times… which I did appreciate. So I was on my own with this one. No help from him at all. He said that he called another DR and they said I did not have the phenotype and there was nothing to worry about. That is not how genetics works!!!
    Then… I got pregnant. I told him I had 3 positive tests. His clinic tested me negative. The way he discussed this was very backwards and then after he said CONGRADULATIONS! After recommending me to get blood work to confirm. He promised he would call me with the results that evening or at the latest in the morning. I get to the lab and realize the req doesn’t say STAT on it and results would then take 48h. I called Erlton Medical and requested this was resent. Reception attempted to FAX MY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO 3 WRONG NUMBERS!!!! I called them back and discovered each issue each time & waited at the lab an extra hour because of this error.
    He didn’t call me as promised. I ended up calling him from work at 3pm the next day. He cold heartedly said “the results show that you were not pregnant.” This is not what the results show, I started to educate him about chemical pregnancies and bed side manner as I am a registered nurse myself and he cut me off and said “I won’t argue with you about the science.” I told him to let me finish. I think he then realized he was wrong in his approach and needed to be schooled on the “science.” A miscarriage/chemical pregnancy is hard enough to go through without this insensitive, uneducated and rushed approach. I would never recommend Dr Moses.

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