Dr Olumide Fakulujo

Dr Olumide Fakulujo

Dr Olumide Fakulujo is a Family Doctor, GP. Dr Olumide Fakulujo practices in Edmonton, AB. The doctor speaks fluent English, Yoruba. Dr Olumide Fakulujo has 1,551 views and 3 reviews. According to 14 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 3.50 out of 5.
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  • Address A-2047 163 St SW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6W 4V5

3 reviews of “Dr Olumide Fakulujo”


    15 December 2021

    Dr Fakalugo is a fine doctor if you’re healthy. He was fine as my doctor for annual checkups and refilling prescriptions. Unfortunately when I got sick he almost killed me. I had some pain in my abdomen and some bleeding which I was told was fine likely related to my lady parts and would go away on its own. A week later had an ultrasound and was told everything was fine even though I was in significant pain. After another checkup with the same complaints I left feeling dismissed, ignored and over dramatic. 2 more weeks and I went to the hospital with severe pain and bloating. Dr Fakalugo was working that day and told me to go home and take a laxative, despite the fact I felt nauseous and dizzy every time I moved at all at that point. Went to Red Deer for a second opinion where they found massive internal bleeding. I was in surgery to remove all the clots in my abdomen that were compressing all my organs and given Several units of blood to keep me stable. I was so low hemoglobin and so dehydrated and anemic that day if I had taken his advice and gone home and taken a laxative there’s a good chance wouldn’t have woken up the next day. So please don’t trust this Doctor with your health especially if it’s related to your lady parts

    Renee Fleming

    23 June 2022

    Dr. Fakalujo may be a good doctor but was not a fit for me. I was given him as my family doctor thru this clinic and thought why not, I’ll see what he is like. I went to him with three concerns. He did help with one. The main one was to get a referral for an X-ray from my chiropractor ( as these abilities were taken form them). He refused to give me one. Thru Covid, finding a new doctor, getting an x-ray, then an MRI, what was found, was what I had feared. I live through pain daily, and now finally adjusting, but this added to two years of my recovery, all because he refused to send me for an X-ray of all things. I was so furious when I left his office!!! I am so glad I found someone better that listens to my concerns ( I know my own body thank you) and that he is no longer in Lacombe? If t was the USA, I would have sued him for malpractice.

    Judy Thomson

    1 June 2023

    Excellent physician. I am sorry he has moved from Lacombe.

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