Dr Parimal Nath is a Pediatrician in Olds, AB. Dr Parimal Kanti Nath has 655 views and 7 reviews. 9 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 2.78 out of 5.

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  • Address 5018 53 St, Olds, Alberta, Canada, T4H 1S6

7 thoughts on “Dr Parimal Nath”


    27 October 2020

    Best pediatrician ever I have seen. Patient- friendly, knowledgeable, experienced. He explained everything and very much thorough. No rush.


    7 August 2021

    A doctor who is knowledgeable, but had the worst bedside manner i’ve ever seen from a doctor. He’s rude, and almost on the verge of pedophilic, and treats his cases like cookie-cutters. He refused to take me off one of my medications even though i couldn’t move on it.

    A. O.

    7 August 2021

    Horrible manners, gives amateur advice. A 12 year old would know better.

    Lucinda Schraff

    7 August 2021

    absolutely horrible doctor. very uncomfortable man, kept patient on medication that made them very ill and highly effected their eating disorder


    8 August 2021

    has kept patients on medication that worsened their state of being, rude, and makes patients uncomfortable. surprised he still practices.

    Kayley Rinsma

    9 November 2022

    Gave all my kids and my self the creeps. Very touchy in a uncomfortable way. Says weird things, Doesn’t want to hear anything beyond his own opinion. Told my son he is fat grabbed his stomach and twisted it, told he he needs to start playing lots of sport making fun of him tone. Held my daughters head away while she was laying down while his other hand pressed on her stomach. Very judgemental. Made fun of us for wearing masks, while mask were mandatory at all other medical places. Called my daughter creepy. So many things to write them all. Would not recommend.


    20 August 2023

    This dr is the most rude, uncaring dr I have ever met. Only met him once for my daughter who is 4. Has the worst bedside manners, will asked you questions and then cuts you off when answering him. Asked my 4 year If she eats to much food, when it’s completely the opposite she never eats. We had just moved from BC where she was seeing services like OT, behaviour therapist, speech therapy and he was like NO she doesn’t need any of that just a little speech therapy.. asked her why she wasn’t a good girl to mom. Wants to take her off her meds completely. And will not put her on the waitlist for an autism assessment even tho her old paediatrician in BC had high suspicion of autism. Said the major concern of autism is communication and she can communicate she’s just not clear with her words! I was in shock and started to trip over my word’s because he would let me explain my daughter to him. Just a very rude man! Don’t take your child there if you are advocating for them. He won’t listen.

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