Dr Rowan Henry is a Family Doctor, GP, Emergency Physician. Dr Rowan Henry practices at Humber River Hospital in Toronto, ON. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Rowan Henry has 2,700 views and 9 reviews. According to 31 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 4.06 out of 5.
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  • Practice name Humber River Hospital
  • Address Humber River Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, 1235 Wilson Avenue, Toronto ON M3M 0B2

9 reviews of “Dr Rowan Henry”


    7 February 2021

    Dr. Henry Rowan tended to me at the Humber River Keele and Wilson site. He was very patient, and professional. He provided the the best care and was very thorough. Based on my experiences last night at the emergency, I’d say he is one of the best Physicians out there. Thank you Dr. Rowan!


    3 August 2021

    Dr Rowan Henry was meant to be a doctor . I’m waiting for him to become a Family Doctor so that he can be my family doctor 🙂 Dr Henry you have patients waiting for you to leave the emergency room scene. Such a caring doctor I felt so taken care of while in his care! He made sure I was 100 percent better before letting me leave . Thank you Dr Henry ! 🙂


    13 September 2021

    Dr. Henry is definitely a standout doctor. I won’t comment on the obvious, he’s really nice and professional, pays attention to detail. Hopefully he stays that way.


    27 October 2021

    He’s amazing,beautiful man inside and out I love doctors for what they do considering how hard they had to work during this pandemic. Thank you Dr Henry don’t work too hard! I asked them if you have a practice for my partner and I . It says up top accepting referrals for family med as well. Cheers Doctor


    22 November 2021

    I love Dr. Henry, I know he has a good heart, many doctors are just burnout right now.


    2 December 2021

    I actually got this doctor twice at Humber when I had emergency this year. I found him nice and efficient . Mitch and Ashley are haters. Dr Henry is awesome . Thanks again ! Doctors and nurses are doing there best people are so jealous .


    15 December 2021

    Dr Henry is incredulous, natural healing energy, very intuitive and intelligent. Not to mention very tall yum In appearance very hypnotizing eyes. He’s a natural intuitive leader and healer . Very good with numbers, details. A natural master who attracts the docile. Intelligent and intuitive, I’ve been the healthiest since consulting with him.


    17 August 2022

    Stop taking down my honest review that dr.rown is a pervert doctor who takes advantage on young vulnerable women of colour with disabilities. The truth needs to be told.


    18 August 2023

    Found him to be amazing….personable and informative.

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