Dr Santhosh Lakshmi

Dr Santhosh Lakshmi


Dr Santhosh Lakshmi is a General Internal Medicine Doctor (GIM) has a practice in Cobourg, ON and Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay, ON. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English, Malayalam, Tamil
  • Gender Male
  • Address 1000 DEPALMA DRIVE, Cobourg ON K9A 5W6
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  • Practice name Ross Memorial Hospital
  • Address Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay ON K9V 4M8, Canada
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4 reviews of “Dr Santhosh Lakshmi”

    Peter Gabany

    7 December 2020

    I am a relatively newly diagnosed diabetic. My meetings to date with Dr. Lakshmi have been incredibly encouraging, instructional and informative. I have never felt rushed. I have never felt ill-equipped or patronized. Dr. Lakshmi has taken an interest in my case leaving me to feel that I am one of his only patients. You never seem to get that in this over-paced world of ours.

    Amy B

    4 October 2022

    I have had type one diabetes for 34 years, so I’ve experienced my fair share of Endocrinologists and Internal Medicine Specialists. I’ve never experienced a doctor so poorly educated in type one diabetes as Dr. Lakshmi is. Not only that, he truly does not listen to what I’m saying. While he may be an excellent practitioner for folks with Type two, I would steer very clear if you would like optimal control and you’re living with Type one.


    11 December 2023

    I had an appointment with Dr. Lakshmi in June and was referred for a stress test which I attended in July. At the time of my appointment in June, I was given a follow up appointment for December. When I called to confirm my appointment in December, I was told it was “not in the calendar”. I was further told that my stress test didn’t appear to be on file. I had also dropped off my BP readings for a few weeks as per his request. To date, I have had no follow up to the stress test to tell me my results; nor have I received any feedback from my BP charts. I’m not sure how I am feeling today (because my appointment was to have been this morning) about the lack of follow through. I will be calling my family doctor to see what my next steps are and I am hopeful he has received the test results so that he may assist me


    4 March 2024

    Did a series of tests over several months , and found that my follow-up appointment didn’t exist when I arrived at his office. I don’t expect that this doctor screwed up, but his staff certainly did. Now his staff inform me that I have to wait and see if he wants to provide me with a follow-up.

    My initial experience with this doctor was good, but my opinion has soured, I’ll get my test results sent to someone who cares.