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One thought on “Dr Sarah Hugh”

    Anca Bulai

    20 March 2021

    I recently had an appointment with ENT Dr Sarah Hugh. I waited for this apointment for the past 5 months. I have been experiencing ear pain for the past year and a half, whatever my problem is with my ear, also afected my sinuses. I was very happy to see the doctor thinking will solve my problem. I read the reviews and at the time I read them, most of the negative reviews were about the receptionist, which turned out to be not true for my experience. They were nice with me. The reviews about Dr. Hugh were half negative, half positive. I have been working in healthcare for the past 28 years so when I read people coments, I try to give the benefits of the doubt for the healthcare person as it is not always easy to deal with patients. BUT, after I saw Dr. Hugh, I could say that this was the worse experience I have ever had with a doctor. First of all, I have never heard so many ” I do not know” from a health care practitioner. Second, she was extremely unprofesional speaking negatively about the family doctors/ walk-in clinic doctors stating they are general practitioners, they have no idea what they talk about, they send patients to her because they do not know what the client problem is. She said 50% of referrals do not even have problems( like me? I was asking myself). Third, when it came down to assessment, she was asking questions that were leading to an answer and when I wanted to explain my pain, she interupted me. When she checked my sinuses, it created the excrutiating pain I have on my worse days. I was thinking at least she can see where it hurts. You would think she would ask where was the pain? Well, she did not. She did not ask if during this year and a half of ear/sinuses pain, I took any medication, if any worked or not. Once she looked at my ear and sinuses, she said I have no problems with my ear or sinuses. Then, I asked why the medication for sinuses given by the walk-in clinic doctor worked. She answered by I do not know and she did not go 5 years to school for me to question her. She came up with multiple diagnoses, one of them being trigeminal pain. I told her that while waiting for her appointment for the past 5 months , I also went to see a dentist specialist just to rule out if the pain comes from teeth or not. The dentist specialist ruled out the trigeminal pain and he gave me the medical explanation why is not that type of pain. I told Dr. Hugh the explanation from my dentist specialist and she fliped, she yelled at me that I am questioning her. Later she mentioned CT scan for sinuses will not help me and she cannot do anything for me. I asked again about the medication for sinuses that worked and she said if that works just take it every day because is nothing wrong to take it. ( didn’t she know that the medication can have sides effects, how can a dr tell a client to take the specific medication every day. It was a prescribed medication, not an over the counter medication ), she mentioned again about her schooling then she said that she will book me to have a CT scan for my sinuses. In my mind I was ” 5 min ago you said that is not for me and now you ask me to do it”. I refused. Most of my appointment was yelling , she yelled at me because I was asking questions and I was yelling trying to give information hoping she will get it. She had her own opinion about my problem before she even touched me. She asked me at one point where I work, and I am wondering if mentioning I work in healthcare afected this apointment. She might have the concept of patients have to say yes doctor, but every patient is entitled to ask questions, clarification. The bottom line is, This Dr has no compasion, no bed manners, is not profesional, she does not listen to what the client is saying. To be a doctor, you not only have to go to school, you need to have a gift within you and be there for the patient but this doctor does not have “the gift”. I would never ever go to see her again and I would recomand others to really read and believe the reviews. Please stay away from this doctor!!! I would go to see another specialist. A second opinion is the best option after I waste my time at this dr office.

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