Dr Tabitha Tse

Dr Tabitha Tse


Dr Tabitha Tse is a General Surgeon has a practice in Kitchener, ON. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English
  • Gender Female
  • Address 16 Andrew St, Kitchener ON N2H 5R2
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  • Address 835 King Street West, Kitchener ON N2G 1G3, Canada
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6 reviews of “Dr Tabitha Tse”


    16 April 2021

    Dr Tse is great.Very knowledgeable and explained everything so I could understand her.She was very punctual and Caring.I would definitely recommend her.

    Deborah Corniel

    19 April 2021

    During my consultation for a minor surgical procedure, Dr. Tse was very thorough in explaining the procedure, diagnosis and prognosis. During the procedure, however, despite my telling her that I could feel sharp pain/cutting/stitching and that I was feeling lightheaded/nauseous she did nothing except to say that she was going to continue. When I was physically ill she continued cutting (I could feel the knife) and just told me not to move my arm while I was vomitting.
    There was no follow up or aftercare provided.
    When I had my first procedure at a plastic surgeon’s office, they followed up with a call the next day to see that everything was ok; I had an appointment to examine the surgical site (within 5 days following). Dr. Ts’e’s written wound care contradicted the care that I had been told by the plastic surgeon (i.e. keep the site dry for 5 days – Dr. Tse said 1 day; keep site covered for 3-4 weeks (after drying following showering/bathing) versus Dr. Tse – no need to keep wound covered).

    I was very disappointed in Dr. Tse’s performance during my surgery. I will not go back to her again.

    Evelyne Heldmann

    1 May 2021

    I am very thankful, that dr. Tse operated on so short notice on me, now I can heal . Thank you soooo much. Evelyne She is very friendly

    Ian MacNaughton

    17 March 2022

    Dr Tse performed cancer surgery on me in march2022. I am in my second week of recovery and marvel at her skill. I experienced no pain post op and have good movement. Her manner has been both warm and professional . I would highly recommend Dr Tse.

    Ian MacNaughton

    17 March 2022

    I strongly recommend Dr Tse.
    I had cancer surgery in March 2022.
    Dr Tse manner was warm and professional.
    Post Op I experienced no pain and have good movement. I am grateful to both Dr Tse and Dr Martin the anesthesiologist


    26 January 2024

    My wife was referred to a doctor covering for dr Tse. By the time they got to the referral, Dr Tse joined her office and handled my wife’s referral. When we did not hear from them for over a month we called to ask. The reception said without the doctor even seeing my wife physically that her case will be handled by family physician.
    Long story…my wifes case was handed to a breast specialist in Toronto where we were seen once. Due to distance the specialist transferred us to our city, to his colleague also a specialist. He said my wife definitly require a specialist care. And now dr Tse decides without seeing me that she does not require specialist care?