Dr Ted Hoyda is a Urologist. Dr Ted Hoyda practices in Surrey, BC. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Ted Hoyda has 2,491 views and 5 reviews. According to 6 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 3.50 out of 5.
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  • Address Suite 300, 2099 152 St, Surrey, BC, V4A 4N7

5 reviews of “Dr Ted Hoyda”


    27 September 2020

    We were very pleased with his knowledge and understanding! He explained everything in regards of my husband’s Prostate Cancer in slow stages. Very friendly and he took his time answering all our question.

    Gary Worters

    24 April 2021

    Although Dr.Katherine Gushulak from Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock, BC was concerned and forwarded a copy of my CT Scan which showed a underlying chronic blader outlet obstruction Dr. Hoyda didn’t even take the time to review the report. Nor did he ask for a copy of the CT scan. He examined the urethea only and said cateritize 4 times a day.

    Alisa Fraser

    27 April 2021

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had kidney surgery yesterday and i feel fantastic. I was so sick for a month and i am so thankful. Truly saved me from pain. So thank you!


    13 July 2021

    We were excited to meet Ted Hoyda as my husband was recently diagnosed with infertility and we really wanted to get this treatment going. However, after waiting for an hour on our scheduled appointment time, we finally called to see if Ted had gotten busy but his secretary informed us that he had a note in there that he wouldn’t be seeing us but referring us to someone else (a doc who wasn’t even accepting new patients up until 5/6 months from now). When asked why he wouldn’t be seeing us the secretary said “ well he only sees some infertility patients ”. I asked how did they make a decision to leave my husband out , what made the doctor not choose him? But of-course the secretary didn’t have that information. I think this is the most unprofessional and unethical way to discriminate amongst patients without informing them and making them wait weeks for an appointment. We will be writing to the College of surgeons as well.


    16 February 2024

    My problem seems to be with the MOA. On two occasions she scheduled phone appointments for which I waited by the phone but did receive the calls. In the first case, she said she-had made a mistake. She did not have the courtesy to advise me. In the second case I am debating if it is worth a follow-up. Shameful practice.

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