Dr Adanna Ejeckam

Dr Adanna Ejeckam


Dr Adanna Ejeckam is a Family Doctor, GP has a practice in Calgary, AB. This page has been created for the doctor's patients or those who want to become patients. Here you can share your feedback and thoughts about your experience with the doctor.

  • Language English, Igbo
  • Gender Female
  • Degree M.B.- B.S.
  • Address 105-150 Nolanridge Crt NW, 150, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3R 1W7
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6 reviews of “Dr Adanna Ejeckam”

    Elizabeth Hewlitt

    15 April 2021

    Dr. Ejeckam is a very caring and compassionate person, she is very knowledgeable and explains things thoroughly. Most importantly she listens and never rushes you. Always takes the time to ask “was there anything else today “

    Diana Sheprak

    5 May 2021

    Not impressed with this clinic. I’m not the patient – the patient is my husband. He likes Dr, Ejeckam. But he needs a new prescription for his meds and twice now they’ve booked an appointment for him for which the Dr is not available. Now he has an appointment with a different dr at this clinic. I find it strange that they don’t know when she will be in the office. Is it because she’s leaving this clinic shortly and they want to annoy all her patients into abandoning her? Maybe the doctor really is having difficulties that take her out of the office suddenly, but this seems very suspect that it is happening repeatedly. Today the appointment was cancelled while my husband was on route to it, and I was told that they had no answer when they tried to reach him. Well, no message from the clinic yesterday and no early call for a 9:30 appt today. He was on the phone today, for a half hour prior to having to leave, was that how last minute that they tried to call?

    Helen Langguth

    16 December 2021

    I had my first appointment with Dr. Ejeckham today and I found her to be very caring. She went through my medical history very carefully and professionally. There seemed to be no rush for time spent. Out of a rating of 1 to 10, I would give her a 12.

    Tina De Dios

    14 February 2022

    Dr. Ejeckam is VERY thorough and patient. She is a good listener and takes time and effort to explain your illness and allay your fears. Her staff is very efficient in getting you appointments to lab tests, MRI, prescriptions etc. She has a growing practice so it takes quite awhile to get an appointment but she is well worth the wait.

    Chris Grodzinski

    25 February 2022

    I found dr Ejeckam very professional, way over normal dr care. No rush and thorough review (probably after hours) my test results with immediate appointment of additional tests that she think are necessary to find causes of the illness. Her staff is also very helpful.

    Jane-Ann Smith

    17 April 2022

    I’m a new patient, having just moved here. It’s uncomfortable going to a new doctor for the first time, but I’ve seen her a few times now as I get settled in with regard to my history and care. All I can say is that Dr. Ejeckam is wonderful!! She listens and doesn’t rush you and is VERY detail oriented. She asked me questions I’ve never been asked before, and has been very thorough and timely regarding getting my previous history and setting up care etc with any specialists I will require. I also like the fact that she makes me feel like I have a part to play in my own care. I’m her fan!