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2 thoughts on “Dr Anthony Bryson”

    Jennessa Gurney

    10 September 2021

    Dr anthony bryson is a horrible doctor. He’s hostile, judgmental and unpleasant to deal with. I hope he reads my review and never forgets me, I hope I never have him at ERH or any hospital ever again.
    Anyway, I went in for a foot injury, mind you I have 20 plus years of documented chronic pain. I told the amazing dr bryson, after sitting down for 10 minutes at home, I felt a sharp pain, my foot started to swell and I couldn’t walk. When he examined my foot, he touched it twice, I asked if I could show him how difficult it was for me to walk, he declined my offer. He asked if I’ve ever used naproxen and volteran, I said yes. After that he stood up and he stepped back, in a loud voice he announced “I was there to seek opioids. I told him to look at my hospital records, what he was saying is untrue. He told me he thought I was faking my injury and he thought I injured myself, I told that was also untrue, he refused to look at my history and walked away. I was there for pain relief not “seeking” opioids.
    Even if I was an addict I didn’t deserve to be treated the way he treated me, I deserved to be treated with dignity and respect as does every hospital patient.
    It was insulting totally out of line and very unprofessional of him.

    Lest I forget to mention the high rate of addiction between doctors and nurses, stealing from patients and hospital pharmacies.

    I know hospital administration, Fraser health, and SOME doctors and nurses dont give an eff about patients making complaints, they only care about protecting themselves

    *I can only hope to one day run into him at some fancy pretentious overpriced restaurant like Earls, Gotham Steakhouse or the boathouse to embarrass him infront of family, friends and complete strangers*

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND dR anthony bryson. Ask for another Dr.


    7 November 2021

    Terrible bedside manner; condescending and dismissive. Failed to do listen to any concerns and thinks he knows it all. Heard him making fun of patients in the hallway. Spent 30 seconds and walked out the door. Would never recommend.

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