Dr Janna Cuthbert is a Family Doctor, GP. Dr Janna Cuthbert practices at Associate Family Physicians Clinic in Swift Current, SK. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Janna Cuthbert has 151 views and 1 review. According to 0 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 0.00 out of 5.
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  • Practice name Associate Family Physicians Clinic
  • Address 262 2nd Avenue NE, Swift Current, SK S9H 2C8
What is the Dr Janna Cuthbert's specialty?
Dr Janna Cuthbert is a Family Doctor, GP.
What is the address of the Dr Janna Cuthbert's practice?
Dr Janna Cuthbert works at 262 2nd Avenue NE, Swift Current, SK S9H 2C8

One thought on “Dr Janna Cuthbert”

    Name withheld to avoid persecution

    25 April 2023

    I went to the Cypress Hospital in Swift Current, October 2022, because I could not find a doctor who was taking patients. I was newly arrived from another province, and had receptionists actually ask me if I was a white male, or whether or not I was a recently landed immigrant to Canada. This in itself was not just disconcerting, but telling.

    Waiting roughly 5 hours to see the Doc, I noticed that there were no male staff – anywhere. I never saw a single male employee. Again, quite telling.

    I told Dr. Cuthbert that previous doctors had said I was at high risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and pulmonary issues. But nothing was ever done about my health problems. Was told “If your cholesterol level doesn’t drop in 6 months, you’ll have to go on medication.” Despite several visits and requests for help over the next 18 months after the ‘due date’, I was given no medication.

    I haven’t bee able to feel my feet for almost 2 years. Fatigued and dizzy all the time. Burning in gut after the docs let my gall bladder dissolve for 11 months before it liquified – despite ultrasounds, x-rays, and a CAT scan, was told “Nothing wrong. Maybe it’s your imagination.”

    So I was hoping Dr. Cuthbert might be a bit more professional than the previous docs.
    She did the barrage of tests, then 2 weeks later was told “You’re fine.”

    I knew I was NOT “fine”.
    So I phoned their office and asked for a copy of the test results, as well as an explanation as to why the results were not given to me straight away (was told that “most patients wouldn’t know what they’re looking at so we don’t bother….Sir. Like…who asks for their test results?”

    So weeks later I get the test results and sure enough, I am either at the maximum or beyond the maximum limit of danger for every test except for one. It was right there in black and white, and clearly showed that I was in the danger zone of health risk.

    Yet nothing was done. Nothing.

    I can barely walk now, am dizzy all the time, and am so very tired. Now my gut is huge (never been fat in my life), getting weaker and weaker and have heart pains, etc. But hey………there’s nothing wrong because a doctor said so. Because doctors aren’t human beings prone to personal biases and political persuasions, right?

    I won’t bother seeing any ‘doctor’ ever again. Done with it. If I die, then I hope it’s quick and painless…but pretty sure it won’t be.

    Really sucks to be a disenfranchised white male in the 21st century. Treated like crap for things I never did (slavery/colonialism) and things I’m not (a member of an elite religious cult hell-bent on world domination), even by pseudo ‘doctors’.

    My father was tortured and murdered in a ‘care home’ by a local-yokel cabal of agenda-driven ‘doctors’ and their underlings. So I suppose I should not expect any better treatment for myself. How selfish of me.

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