Dr Lorraine Liang is a Urologist in Hamilton, ON and Hamilton, ON. Dr Lorraine Min-Shan Liang has 2,838 views and 5 reviews. 27 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.52 out of 5.

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  • Practice name St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
  • Address St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, Charlton Campus, 50 Charlton Ave E, Hamilton ON L8N 4A6
  • Practice name HHS Juravinski Hospital
  • Address HHS Juravinski Hospital, Department of Urology, 711 Concession St, Hamilton ON L8V 1C3, Canada

5 thoughts on “Dr Lorraine Liang”

    Liande Zhang

    6 June 2021

    Dr Liang works hard and has good medical skills. My prostate and bladder disease disappeared after taking the medicine she prescribed. I’m very grateful to her!

    Anonymous Patient

    13 April 2022

    During my last appointment, she was coughing into her mask. I tested positive for COVID within 3 days. Billable hours are more important than patient care.


    30 June 2022

    This is the WORST doctor I have EVER come across in my life. She is extremely unprofessional, dismissive, and just know, if I end up back in the hospital again because she refused to even make EYE CONTACT with me to understand my concerns and DENIED me treatment, (after waiting 3 months to see her because she’s supposed to be a specialist) I will be suing her for negligence . Her exact words were “well you didn’t die last time so you’ll be fine” and denied me treatment. She left the room MID conversation and disappeared for about an hour I had to walk myself out and even the secretary did not know where she went. This is absolutely ridiculous and DANGEROUS. How the hell is she calling herself a doctor without even making eye contact with her patients for a first look.


    24 October 2022

    I completely agree with the above review. This doctor is extremely rude, unprofessional and dismissive. She did not want to hear my opinion, didn’t listen to my full range of symptoms and literally argued with me rather than explaining. She wants it to be clear that she is the smartest person in the room. When I said I am unsure if physio is right for me, she immediately started backspacing the request and just said ok don’t go then. It was like she was having a bad day and wanted to argue with me rather than help or explain. I have been dealing with extreme pain for nearly a year now and am nowhere closer to a resolution. She said there is nothing she can do and referred me to someone else after only seeing her for a total of 5 min and no scans/bloodwork. Unprofessional doesn’t even begin to describe her. I will be making an official complaint. She should not be practicing or treating patients as her ego has clearly clouded her judgement


    3 August 2023

    Threatened me, since she dodged two appointments and when I asked for result she told me my tone was assertive. Dr Liang mentioned if I use that assertive tone again my surgery wait time well go longer and I will not receive the proper care I require.

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