Dr Mila Smithies is a Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor. Dr Mila Smithies practices in Ottawa, ON. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Mila Smithies has 1,666 views and 8 reviews. According to 86 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 4.86 out of 5.
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  • Address 152 Cleopatra Drive, Suite 101, Ottawa ON K2G 5X2

8 reviews of “Dr Mila Smithies”


    22 June 2021

    Fabulous! Found her a bit blunt at first but we quickly warmed to each other, I’d say. I received excellent care for my preeclampsia and postnatal health as well. So grateful for her sound decision making and thorough care. I’ll actually miss her, oddly enough! Will definitely be returning for my next pregnancy,


    29 July 2021

    I feel so fortunate to have met dr. Smithies during my ECV since she was the one performing the procedure. Although it was unsuccessful, I was a bit discouraged and asked for her information to discuss more options as I didn’t want to go ahead with a ceserean without weighing out all my options. She was nice enough to give me her info and book me for a consultation which then led her to take me on as a patient for the remainder of my pregnancy. Despite not having the vaginal delivery I wanted, having Dr smithies as my OB and then performing the ceserean was overall a great experience. She’s efficient, knowledgeable and caring. I look forward to going back to see her for my second pregnancy.


    24 October 2021

    I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. Smithies. Very understanding and compassionate, she went above and beyond to make me feel comforted during an extremely difficult delivery and postpartum period. I highly recommend her and will definitely come back if need be.


    2 January 2022

    Had a horrible experience with Dr Smithies. She was very abrupt, cold hearted and down right rude. During my appointment the intake nurse was doing a triage with me and Dr Smithies waltzed in the room and told the nurse “don’t waste your time with intake” and told the nurse to leave the room. Without so much as a hello or introducing herself she proceeded to tell me how my labour would play out, stating I will have to get induced and will need an epidural because things aren’t playing out in my favour (I went to the appointment to weigh my options as to whether or not I could have a unmedicated vaginal labour). When I asked her how she can predict the outcome of my labour and what is not playing out in my favour, she stated that I am “old” and haven’t had any previous children so wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. She then stood up, said “good luck to you” and walked out the door. The appointment lasted a total of 5 minutes!
    I’m happy to say I never had to see this soulless doctor again, didn’t need an induction, and had a non-traumatic unmedicated vaginal birth! Great job Dr Smithies with your risk assessment skills. Bravo.

    Nidhi Chaudhary

    10 April 2022

    If I could rate Dr. Mila Smithies 10 stars, I would. Dr. Smithies is amazing doctor and human being. She is so compassionate, understanding, and caring. I can tell she actually cares about her patients health as well as their mental health during these high risk pregnancies and provides all answers very patiently. We are so grateful that we found dr. Smithies in OB-GYN and she accepted us as her patient. I had some complications and she took many ultrasounds to clear all the doubts and guide us for next right decisions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for perfect OB-GYN.


    7 June 2022

    Stay away from this doctor. No experince in multiple pregnancies. She will not follow up closely and doesn;t know what she is doing. not even ordering the right blood work. You have to stay awy from this one.

    Corinna Casey

    18 October 2023

    I have nothing but good things to say about Dr.Smithies.
    She is knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to her work. Willing to take phone calls anytime for patients with questions.
    She is straightforward and very reasonable, often offering multiple options she’s comfortable with so mom to be is included in decision making.
    She followed my 2 pregnancies and we have 2 healthy kids!
    Would 100% recommend.


    5 March 2024

    I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Smithies. I had a high risk pregnancy due to to my anatomy, and she followed me closely, listened to my concerns and provided reassurance when I had concerns. She is straightforward, but will also hear you out and let you be a part of the decision making while also informing you of her medical opinion. When she thought there were signs I may go into early labour at 29 weeks she didn’t hesitate to admit me and follow my progress very carefully. In the later weeks of my pregnancy she had me coming in twice a week to be safe. She did not judge me or make me feel bad when I came into the hospital with worries, she instead reassured me that if I felt anything different at all that I should indeed come in and get checked. She was the reason that when I did go into labour at 34 weeks both my son and I were safe and healthy. I cannot say enough good things about her, and cannot wait to see her again with my second.

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