Dr Moiz Zeidan is a Family Doctor, GP in Edmonton, AB. Dr Moiz Mohamed Abdo Zeidan has 2,144 views and 2 reviews. 10 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.70 out of 5.

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  • Address 15345 97 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5X 5V3

2 thoughts on “Dr Moiz Zeidan”


    20 December 2020

    My 7 year olds daughter’s ears hurt so much I wasn’t able to look in her ear canal with a flashlight without her crying. So suspecting she had an inner ear infection I took her to North Edmonton Medical’s walk-in clinic. When Dr. Moiz Zeidan walked into the room he had a professional calm manner that didn’t scare my daughter. When he had to examine her ears he was so gentle both physically and mentally. He explained to my daughter what he was going to do, with what instrument he had to use to do so, why he was going to do that, and what to expect to feel when he’s doing what he had to do in a manner she understood. Plus, he asked her if he was allowed to do what he just explained to her. She barely flinched when he had to put the thing inside of her ear to see right down to the ear drum. Then, since both of my daughter’s ears were infected but only one was causing her pain he let me see what the inside of her not as infected ear looked like. I’ve never had an inner ear infection so I didn’t really understand what was going on inside of her ear so it helped having a visual of what exactly was going on. He prescribed some drops and antibiotics and explained how to clean an ear canal with peroxide and how to dry the ear safely with a q-tip. Overall, a good experience with Dr. Moiz Zeidan. My daughter asks for him or Dr. Khaled Ateer whenever she has to go to the doctor when in the city with me.


    7 September 2022

    Dr. Zeidan why is there so little information about you, are you being elusive or perhaps something else. if you are a good doctor let us know something about you

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