Dr Zhila Fazeli is a Psychiatrist in Toronto, ON and Thornhill, ON. Dr Zhila Fazeli has 1,089 views and 4 reviews. 4 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 1.00 out of 5.
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  • Address 1100 Sheppard Ave East, Unit #107, Toronto ON M2K 2W1
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  • Address 7163 Yonge Street, Unit 118, Thornhill ON L3T 0C6, Canada

4 thoughts on “Dr Zhila Fazeli”


    1 March 2022

    Doesn’t care about patients, can’t get off the phone fast enough and doesn’t follow up, forgets her own treatment plan and what she had said, she doesn’t take notes of what has been discussed with her during the 2 minutes sessions she has with patients.


    1 April 2022

    The exact same thing is happening to me. She doesn’t even remember who I am when we have appointments. I asked for my treatment plan and diagnosis and they have been “lost”. Totally negligent.

    Azita Niaki

    8 April 2022

    Booked the appointment 3 months ahead took time off from my work 2 hours before the appointment time waited 1 and half hour to be called and it didn’t happen when called office , I was informed that they couldn’t reach me via the phone number so they just marked me as no show , I was staring at my phone from 11 Am to 1:30 PM for the 12 Pm appointment nobody called and no voice Mail . they emailed me 4 times to confirm the appointment So this is my thought , for any no show they will charge the patient $100 . Is this the reason that they claim that they couldn’t reach you ? 🤯


    7 June 2022

    This doctor has an essential job in which she doesn’t care about at all. My mother is suffering from a lot of mental health issues, she was able to reach out for help and doctor Fazeli absolutely ruined my mothers life for the next six months. She spoke with my mother for merely a few minutes and immediately perscribed her a medication that multiple doctors have now told her was a terrible mistake. She can’t wait to get off the phone and wouldn’t even take the time to open my mother’s file. Someone needs to stop her before she ruins other peoples lives as well, her clientele is vulnerable and this is NOT OKAY.

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