Dr Colby Oitment

Dr Colby Oitment

Dr Colby Oitment is a Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr Colby Oitment practices in Scarborough, ON. The doctor speaks fluent English. Dr Colby Oitment has 2,059 views and 5 reviews. According to 10 users, the doctor`s rating on the site is 4.30 out of 5.
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  • Address 3030 Lawrence Ave E, Suite 409, Scarborough ON M1P 2T7
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  • Address 50 Dundurn St S, Hamilton ON L8P 4W3, Canada

5 reviews of “Dr Colby Oitment”


    12 September 2020

    Dr. Oitment saved my mother from going paralyzed and we are forever grateful! Thank you for your amazing work!


    12 September 2020

    I had severe leg pain and was unable to work for 3 years.

    I had seen three clinics and told there was nothing wrong with my back or legs before meeting Dr. Oitment.

    He removed the disc from my nerve root and I am finally able to get back to work. It has been three long years through the medical system being told it was in my head.

    Linda Lowry

    3 January 2022

    I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr Oitment- he did a great repair to my lower back and 3 weeks later I am feeling so much better.
    Expertise and compassion make a great combination!

    Jaelynn Fowler

    20 September 2022

    In January of 2022 I was in a car accident. I unfortunately suffered from a vertebrae burst fracture, a piece of my bone had broken completely off. From Brantford I was transported to Hamilton General to be assessed by Dr. Oitment’s team. After the initial assessment I was given an appointment for six weeks later to discuss my healing and progress.

    That appointment was canceled for a reason unknown. I understood and rescheduled. The only availability was for a month later! I booked the appointment only for it be canceled. After rebooking, it was cancelled a THIRD time. My family doctor had to call for me to get an appointment booked. I was supposed to be seen six weeks after the accident, however I didn’t see him until FOUR MONTHS after the accident.

    At the time of the accident I was instructed not to do many things. I had no guidance on what I should and shouldn’t be doing throughout the first four months of my recovery.

    Finally, I was able to see him at the end of April. I had thought that my struggle with receiving guidance was over, however, I was wrong. My appointment was a disaster. He was so unorganized, it seemed as if he didn’t know what patient he was speaking to. He told me I was able to go back to my job the following day (I work at a shipping company where I have to list 50lbs+ boxes consistently). I informed him of this but he still told me I could return.

    He filled out my insurance forms that I had requested and wrote down that I wouldn’t be returning to work for two years. I was utterly confused. I was unsure whether or not I would need physical therapy so I voiced this question and to summarize, he told me if I wanted a referral he would give me one.

    I got the referral and made an appointment with a physical therapist the following day. The physical therapist informed me that I should have begun physical therapy one month after my accident. When at this point, it had been four months. I wasn’t cleared to go back to work. I had spent four months not moving and being as careful as I could per instructions of the surgeon and it made my time for healing much longer.

    I was given a specific date that I would receive a follow up call from Dr. Oitment to see how I was progressing. That call never came.

    It felt like because I was not a surgery case, I didn’t matter. If that was the case I would have happily spoken to a doctor that cared for my well being.

    I was super frustrated and unhappy with my experience.

    Don’t worry

    7 October 2022

    Dr Colby Ointment is a rude and unorganized man… he had no clue what was going on and was very unorganized with his patients. He was also on his phone the whole time instead of actively paying attention to the patients and families concerns. Ps Dr. Ointment needs a good shower

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