Dr Navid Mostofi is a Neurologist in North Vancouver, BC. Dr Navid Mostofi has 3,177 views and 6 reviews. 22 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 4.00 out of 5.

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  • Address 340-138 13TH St E, North Vancouver, BC, V7L 0E5

6 thoughts on “Dr Navid Mostofi”

    Nira Jayez

    16 August 2021

    Dr. Mostafi saved my life. He is the best, most knowledgeable, most empathetic, and capable doctor I have had the honour and pleasure of meeting. He saved me when I came to the hospital because I couldn’t lift my fingers, another doctor had laughed and questioned me 2 days prior when I came to the hospital and discharged me. Dr. Mustafi admitted me and sent me for testing and an MRI. I was diagnosed with MS, then, he had me on my fist set of MS IV steroids. If it hadn’t been for him, who knows, how much my MS could have progressed before being seen and the damage that could have resulted from that. He also connected me to many other doctors that I need to see as healing requires all physical, physiological, and emotional well being.

    Thank you Dr. Mustafi.

    Ashraf madani

    23 January 2022

    خداوند را شکر که همچنین دکتر هم وطن هست و با ارامش حرف‌ها مرا گوش دادند خیلی خوب و صبورانه مرا مداوا می‌کنند.

    Hello, thank God that we also have a patient and kind Iranian doctor in the country. The doctor listens to the patient very patiently and tells the way of treatment very well.
    Thanks so much


    15 May 2022

    A physician who lacks basic qualities like empathy compassion and humanity.

    Sadly, has NO PATIENT INTERACTION skills whatsoever. it seems he is used to practice only with IRGC brutally tortured prisoners.

    He only talks at the patients instead of to the patient. In fact, don’t even want the patient to ask a question.

    Moreover, He punishes his patients with late referral or informing them with their test results for months

    Avoid Him

    Anne Wadsworth

    19 May 2022

    It was my extraordinary luck to have Dr. Mostofi as the on-call neurologist at Lion’s Gate Hospital when I was recently rushed by ambulance into the emergency department in the middle of the night. I was very sick, heaving and retching with severe vertigo, unable to sit or stand, and, waivered in and out of consciousness. My son, who followed me to the hospital, was deeply concerned since I normally was a relatively healthy senior. Emergency personnel did their best to stabilize me and a CT scan confirmed a significant stroke in my cerebellum. Soon Dr Mostofi arrived and while I was only semi-conscious, he reviewed all the test results and clearly and sensitively explained what had transpired to my son and the potential risks and benefits of administering the time sensitive, clot busting drug tPA. Having decided to proceed with tPA the next 24 hours were critical and Dr Mostofi carefully monitored my progress. Fortunately, my progress was and continues to be excellent and I largely contribute that to the excellent care and expertise I received from Dr. Mostofi. I, without hesitation, highly recommend him.

    Pauline Jones

    24 January 2023

    Dr. Mostofi has been looking after my husband for three or four years. My husband has a Parkinsonism disease and Dr. Mostofi is the kindest, most encouraging doctor we’ve ever had. He always takes the time to talk to us and encourage us, we have never felt rushed. He is a trip compassionate man and doctor.

    Cora Meeks

    28 April 2023

    I feel in excellent hands with Dr Mostofi, I feel cared for and well cared for, it gives me confidence.

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